Friday, March 5, 2010

Custom Made Purse Ensemble

I have a friend whose birthday is coming up quickly (4 days). She was admiring a purse of mine that I had made for myself about a year ago. Having an abundance of fabric and creativity I set out to make her a purse similar to mine, but with longer straps and more pockets (two things she noted she would change).

Here is the outside of the purse - before I added the pockets.

Here are the outside pockets.

This is the inside of the bag with the 'extra' pockets I needed to add.

Here are the layered pieces - with the extra long straps.

After I taught my Wristlet class I absolutely had to make my friend a matching wristlet - just in case she needed to run to the store and didn't want to lug the purse.  (you all know what I'm talking about!)  

Purse with matching wristlet - personalized with her name embroidered to both the front and the back (the other front). I could have stopped here - but I was having way too much fun.

I received a shipment in and fell in love with this little Koin Keeper pattern from This & That patterns. I thought – why not – my friend might like this to keep her coffee cards in for when she's at work and takes a quick run to the coffee shop! 

Finally, I have a class called Zip, Button, Snap – I’ve been playing around with different items to make in which we could practice the skills. I considered this cell phone pouch as the ‘button’ item. When I was done I decided it was probably a little too complicated for the class – but I’m sure my friend would really enjoy it as NOBODY likes loosing their cell phone in their purse - especially one with a lot of pockets.  ;-)

So there you go, I started out wanting to make a custom made purse for my friend and ended up creating a whole ensemble. I love sewing!

P.S. Love you my dear, dear friend!

P.S.S. No worries about my friend discovering her gift before her birthday, I've been on her butt for the past year to get connected!  She'll eventually see this post - but hopefully it will be after I give it to her.


March Newsletter

Yasou Sewers,

I want to thank everyone who came out and sewed for Haiti! I shipped a large box filled with totes, skirts, shirts and blankets! All of which will be distributed to the people of Haiti by the Project Eden Team members. This event was so successful that I will be doing more sewing for charity events this summer – so watch for those.

Can you believe March is already upon us? I have been busy creating and have found that the more I create – the more creative I become. I also have enjoyed seeing how creative you all are – you’re each an inspiration for me to keep creating! So with that said I am starting, not one, but two new groups:

The first group is the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild. The Modern Quilt Guild is a community of quilt guilds across the country. The online community of modern quilters is thriving and this guild grew out of the desire of the members to meet in person. The founding branch of the guild started in Los Angeles in October of 2009. Through blogs & the internet word spread quickly of the fun they were having and now branches have started popping up all over the country. The Modern Quilt Guild is a young organization just getting started with planning, organizing and sorting out all it will do as an associationand now Minneapolis is part of that movement.

The first Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild meeting is March 23 from 6 -9 p.m. at Sewtropolis. At this meeting we will discuss what this group will be about, what activities we’ll do, how often we’ll do them and of course appoint officers. Everyone is welcome including beginning quilters. If you want to join the group, but can’t make it to the first meeting join us at

The second group involves crafters who sell their work on – this endeavor is still ‘under construction’. The first building block starts with Etsy sellers to bring their cards into the store and post it on my Etsy Sellers Bulletin Board. I will update you on what I’m up to at that time…

Don’t forget to RSVP for the Material Girls Fashion Sewing Club event on March 10 from 6 – 7:30. The Material Girls will be demonstrating how you can modify a commercial pattern to make something uniquely yours. If you’re ready for that next step in sewing this event is definitely for you! Visit or to learn more

I’ve added three new classes this month; I hope you’ll check them out.

March Classes:
2 Tote Bag
4 Yoga Pants
5 Sewing Essentials
9 Zip, Button & Snaps (new)
11 Pajama Bottoms
17 Sewing Essentials
19 Sewing Essentials for Teens
20 Beginning Quilting (new)
24 Basic T-Shirt (new)
30 A-Line Skirt
31 Sewing Essentials

You can download a printable schedule at

Finally don’t forget there is parking on the WEST side and behind the store! The roads are getting a little narrow and I would hate for someone to lose a car door by parking on the street!