Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pajama Bottoms using a Border Fabric

If you are like me you are in love with Amy Butler’s Soul Blossom line of fabric.  Two of my favorites are these border prints:


When I first saw this fabric I thought it would make a cute skirt – which I still think it will.  But I also envisioned a cute pair of pajama bottoms! 

pajama3  pajama1 The ‘trick’ to making these is to open up your fabric and refold so that the border prints are on each end.  

pajama2 I made the pants to fit me so I ended up shorting the pattern piece so that I could get each pattern piece to fit all the way onto the new fabric layout (44”) .  Which then made these a cute pair of capri style pajama pants and perfect for the warmer weather we are bound to get soon!

We are offering a Pajama Bottom class on Saturday, March 19 from 6-9p call the store if you’d like to learn how to make your own border print pajama bottoms. 

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Tale of Two Shirts

Recently Colette Patterns released a mans shirt pattern known as Negroni.  Now for those of you who like to sew know that there was a great buzz in the sewing realm at the release of this pattern.  Colette patterns is known for their hip styles and easy instructions, but up until now they had mainly focused on women's fashion, which made the release of this pattern the buzz of the sewing blogs!   

The great thing about sewing is that it's a great way of making something your own.  Patty and I set out to sew the Negroni shirt for the men in our lives (her hubby and my brother).  As you will see we both used the same shirt pattern, but our shirts have turned out very different.  

I made my shirt as a birthday present for my brother who lives in Seattle.  (so mums the word) My brother is a personal assistant by day and a hipster by night.  (modeled by my son who demanded a ride to school as pay)  I chose to use a cotton woven fabric by Joel Dewberry which has a heavier hand (feel to it) and very urban. 

  While Patty made her shirt for her husband who is an accountant and works downtown. (who modeled in exchange for being allowed to play with Lucy the beautiful basset hound).  Patty chose a cotton woven fabric by Oliver+S - has a lighter hand and is more conservative.
We both chose the same pocket style (there were at 3 to choose from), though I chose to use a pearl snap on mine because I thought it added to the 'hipster' look of the shirt.

 while Patty chose to use buttons, which fits in nicely with the conservative look of her shirt. 

We both made the long sleeve version and again I opted to use snaps on the cuffs and top-stitched using a light blue thread. 

While Patty created button holes and used her sewing machine to attach all the buttons (clever girl).
Patty even added a spare button to the inside seam of her shirt - just like ready to wear! (very clever girl)

I chose to use the serger to create a rolled-edge stitch to finish the hem of my shirt.  I did this for a few reason:  1.  It shows off the contrasting blue thread which, I think, adds to the casual look and charm of this shirt.  2.  If my brother chooses to tuck in the shirt it adds a little more length to the finished shirt (my brother has a long torso) and 3.  It was just plain easier!  

Patty chose to hem the bottom of her shirt using a very narrow hem.   

The front of my shirt and the back of Patty's. 

And the back of my shirt and the front of Patty's.  

Two completely different looks using the same shirt pattern.  
*you can read more about Patty's shirt on her snugbug blog and more about my shirt on my hubbahubbadingdong blog. (after March 17 - because this is his birthday gift after all)