Monday, November 29, 2010

Idea file: Mini bloomers from Colette Patterns

Looking for a quick and easy project? We’ve got the perfect answer… these mini bloomers from Colette Patterns! The pattern is available as a free download from Colette and all you need is an hour or two, a yard of fabric, and a couple yards each of elastic and ribbon!

For our version we used Café Dots, a lovely soft cotton from the Oliver + S City Weekend line of fabric for Moda. We think the bloomers would also be perfect in a lovely double gauze or even a fun knit.

There are only two pattern pieces that make up the mini bloomers, making the pattern easy for a beginner. The only ‘special' skills’ required are a passing familiarity with elastic and the buttonhole function on your machine.

The waistband is a clever and elegant application of quarter inch elastic threaded through two simple casings stitched on the folded over waistband. Sizing is super simple – just cut a length of elastic to wrap comfortably around your waist (or use the measurements given on the pattern packaging if you’re making as a gift.)

The leg bands are created by threading a length of ribbon through openings created by sewing a pair of buttonholes on the front of each leg. A quick way to create gathers and a perfect fit.

And there you have it! Sweet and simple bloomers!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Quilt Retreat

I like to joke that I've been sewing since I was 9 years old, but stopped when I opened Sewtropolis.  I sometimes find myself so busy running my business that I fail to take the time to create (outside of sewing store samples) and after a while I can't resist the urge to create something!
Pieced back with Piano Keys boarder
Twice a year I get to 'escape' and head up north to Quilt Retreat where spend 3, 4, or sometimes a whole week sewing and quilting with girlfriends. That's where I was over the weekend and I was able to start, and finish up, quite a few projects.

First up is this queen size Batik quilt my son, Drew and I were working on. (Next best thing to sewing with girlfriends is sewing with your kids - especially boys!) The top was complete so I pieced together the back using the left over fabric. When I measured though it wasn't quite large enough so I cut and pieced the smaller leftover pieces to create the piano key boarder. My plan now is to find a place that will allow me to rent a long arm quilting machine.  

I also made "Trip Around the World" quilt which I am 'hiding' as it will be a Christmas gift for a friend once I get it done.  I'll post pictures after the New Year.

fabric bowl

Once I had two quilts pinned I started in on the smaller projects including this fabric bowl.   I made it for "Fat Cat Gimley", but because he'll have it full of hair in no time, I have it at the store until I make another one.  I need time to enjoy it before Fat Cat takes it over. (he's 17lbs) 

bottom of bowl
Gimley the Fat Cat