Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shelves, Shirt and Serger

In case you missed it, Drew and I finished making the first set of shelves today. It's a good thing he is a math wiz and I know fractions like the back of my hand.  It took a little configuring but we managed to get it together and loaded up with fabric.  
I swear sometimes my neighbors must think I'm a little nuts with the projects I take on around the house, and now I'm sure my neighbors around the shop feel the same way.  For the record, I don't always use a circular saw while wearing a skirt and heels.  
After we got the shelves stocked Drew wanted to start on a sewing project.  He's actually been sewing since he was about 6 and had made about 8-10 quilts. Today though he thought he'd make himself a t-shirt.  

I helped him lay out his fabric, after that he was on his own.  

Cutting out his pieces....

... and once I showed him how to use the serger he was on a roll.  However, once he made a mistake on the serger and saw all the stitches he would have to take out, all the fun stopped.  
He then decided he really didn't want to make a t-shirt anyway and gave it to me to finish.  Which I did, along with a pair of shorts and I now have a nice summer pajama outfit.  Something I needed anyway. 
Drew decided to stick with quilts for now.  I'll show you what he's making once he gets a little further.  

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