Saturday, April 10, 2010

Handbag Happy

I'm a bag lady - no seriously, I love making bags.  I also love buying a good bag, but if there's a chance I can duplicate a 'ready to wear' bag by making it - I will.  (and now that I'm sewing on leather I guess you can say I'll never have to buy a ready-to-wear againg - but to be honest - I probably will).  Anyway, I stumbled on a blog today that, to me, was better then finding that perfect bag  (well almost).
U Handbag has all kind of tutorials on how to make all kinds of handbags - I love it!  You can even download a PDF of the tutorial!  If your ever inclined to make a bunch of bags and sell them at one of the many craft shows this summer she even gives hints on how best to set up shop, price your goods etc. 

I just received this fabric from Amy Butler

and have been itching to make something with it.  Now I'm going to be struggling to decide which handbag to make with this fabric!  Did I mention I love making handbags?  Hmmmm - we have a sewing group, a quilt group ... maybe we need a "bag lady" group at the store!

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