Monday, April 5, 2010

Pink Messenger Bag

I created another upscaled bag using two leather jackets found at my local thrift store.  One of the jackets is a pink suede style with cute little front pockets that I wanted to try and utilize.  The other jacket was a rust red duster style which was super soft!  No fancy pockets, but I did end up using what was there on the inside of the bag.  (see below) 

I had a hard time deciding what type of bag to make and ended up on the messenger style.  I figured leather was really strong and I'd be able to carry a lot of stuff in this bag - and I wanted to save my shoulders & back by carrying the bag across my body.

 Here is the final project. 

I found sewing this bag a lot easier then the first tote bag I made, there are many reasons why that might be:
1.  I learned a lesson and removed all the bulk before I started to sew.

2.  This is a softer suade leather - the rust jacket was actually pretty thin in places.

3.  I used a different sewing machine.  The black bag was sewn using my Janome Quilting machine and this bag was sewn using a Viking Dream 2 machine.  I love, love, love my Viking and part of the reason may be it is just 'stronger' then my Janome.  Not to say the Janome isn't a nice machine, it's great for quilting, just not so much for sewing through multiple layers of leather.

I can't get enough of these projects, but I'll think I'll hold off till I catch up on the rest of my sewing.  Yea, right!

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