Thursday, October 7, 2010

Patchwork Scarf

At the last Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild meeting I mentioned that I don't tend to get a lot of quilts done because all of them are large and once I start they seem to overwhelm me - especially now that my time if very, very limited.  One of the members suggested I work on a small project.  She just had a baby and knew that if she stopped quilting, she might not start up again.  I liked that idea very much - but breaking my habit of working large is a hard habit to break.  Until I tried this patchwork scarf. 

It totally satisfied that itch to quilt, yet I was able to still finish it in a day!  I could have made it a lot more elaborate, but I stiffled the urge, afterall the satisfaction of finishing something is suppose to outweigh the habit of starting a project and not finishing it. 

Making the blocks was easy enough - just when I finished them I took 5 of them and cut them up again.  I wanted all sizes of blocks and it didn't seem right that I finish this in under a day.  I then joined my blocks, added a pocket, backed it with flannel and voila!  A patchwork scarf!  This one is for the store, the next one I make will be mostly pink (my color).

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