Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do-It-Green Workshop - Repurposed Sweater Tutorial

If you missed out on today's Do-It-Green upcycling, repurposing and clothing swap at the store you'll be happy to know that there was such a good turnout that I'm sure we'll be doing it again soon. 

At the workshop I promised to blog about how I turned a old out of fashion sweater into a sweater that I'll actually wear!  (which is the whole purpose behind repurposing).  

Supplies you will need:
old sweater
sewing machine or serger

Before we begin, here is the before picture of me wearing a sweater that is in no way, shape or form flattering on me at all.

Lay your sweater out on a flat surface and start cutting!  

First, start with the sleeves, you can either leave them long or short or do what I did and make them 3/4 length.  This is your sweater make it work for you!  

Next if your sweater has a turtle neck like mine you can either leave it or cut it off.  I chose to cut mine off because I plan on wearing this sweater in the Spring when the weather turns warmer.  If you decide to leave the neck intact, you'll cut right through it in the next step. 

Next I made a cut about 3" - 4" off center to the left from hem to neck.  If you decided to cut the neck off - this is where you'll do it.
You're now ready to sew it all back together.

Once again, starting with the sleeves I used the serger to finish the edges.  You don't have to use a serger - a simple zigzag on a conventional machine will work. 

 I then serged (or zigzaged) around the bottom edge, up one side of the front, around the neck, and down the other side.  Doing this will ensure a nice 'finished' look for your sweater. 
Next, pin the two front edges together - with the insides t ouching.  Now stitch (serge or zigzag) starting at the bottom edge of the sweater, working your way towards the neck and stopping about 4" - 6"  from the neck line.  (Where you stop will depend on how low a cut you are comfortable with - again this is your sweater - make it work for you)!

Here is my "after" sweater - now this is something I will wear! 
Thanks again to everyone who attended the Do-It-Green workshop. 
For a tutorial on how to make leg warmers out of a wool sweater check out my personal blog.

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