Friday, February 4, 2011

Minneapolis Modern Quilters February Challenge

Hi all,
The Minneapolis Modern Quilters are putting together a new Swap and Challenge for February.  If you don't know what a swap and challenge is let me explain it to you.  Everyone brings the pre-determined fabric requirements to the meeting (in this case it's two or more fat quarters that "read" Black, White or Gray.  We all swap our fabric with one another so that everyone ends up with a bit of everyone else's fabric.  We then go home and make something. 

The cool thing about this group is - it doesn't have to be a quilt.  We did a swap and challenge last year - exchanging strips of polka-dot fabric.  What was so cool  was that even though we all walked away with the same fabrics we all created entirely different items!  I created this strip quilt. 

You can see what the other members made by visiting our Flickr site.  

If you love quilting this group is a great group to get involved in.  What is super neat about it is that most are on-line in one way shape or form.  There are a few that have blogs (see sites below) and are very active on-line.  I have really, really loved getting to know this group of women, they are all so creative!  I really encourage everyone who even dreams of quilting to come to a meeting and see for yourself.  

In the meantime here are the rules for the Februray swap.  Hope to see you soon! 

Start with two (or more) fat quarters that "read" BLACK, WHITE or GRAY. Print should be in these colors, too. No solids, please.

Wash fabrics.
Cut into strips that are 3 inches wide/ 20 inches long. You should end up with 5-6 strips per fat quarter.

We are swapping 10 strips - 5 from two fabrics. If you submit more, you may duplicate fabrics. (Each swapper will use at least two different fat quarters!) - You will get the same number of strips that you swap.

The swap will happen at the February meeting. If you are unable to be there, but want to swap, please send Elise Peters a email ( and she will send you her mailing address.  If you choose to participate this way you must send a return envelope and postage. All mail in strips should be received by Tuesday, February 15th.

Once you have received your swapped strips, add one additional SOLID fabric to finish the "top" of your project. (You may add others for your backing and binding!)

There are lots of ideas for black and white quilting projects on flickr!

Complete your top for the May meeting.

If you have questions about this swap-challenge, let me know! We are hoping to get at least 12 participants, but more would be great! 

Want to check out the group at: 
Other members of the Group who are also blogging about this project are:
Marie @
Annik @
Karen @

Nikol @

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