Friday, September 10, 2010

Self Sew September - scarf and my perfect pant pattern

Yay!!  I finally found a pant pattern that fits perfectly!  I have been searching for YEARS - literally, for a pant pattern that I don't have to alter!  Thank you Trudy at  Not only that, but I cut the size based on the measurement chart and lo and behold they actually FIT!!!  I know all you sewers know the frustration of the measurement chart not corresponding with the actual size of the garment!  

Another first, I never make a pair in muslin, but since I was making a pair of pants I thought I'd save my 'good' fabric for something that's actually going to fit.  Other than not remembering how to do a fly with a placket, they went together fairly easy.  I'm not quite done, but now I'm excited to sew a pair using the 'real' fabric.  Trust me when I say; I don't think I've ever been excited to sew a pair of pants.

My Self Sew September item is: a scarf I made using voile and pom-poms.  I made this up thinking I'd wear it during the summer, but it seems to be just perfect for fall instead!

Now off to finish my pants!

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  1. Loving the scarf - do you have a close-up photo? You might want to share with your peeps that I'm having a "scarf-off" contest with great prizes - someone might get the bug to make a scarf this fall!

    Erica Larson