Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Self Stiched September - I am wearing the pants

I finally finished the pants over the weekend.... and I'm even wearing them today, but now that I have them on I know I'll need to do a little more tweaking.  The zipper took some wrestling, but I finally mastered it enough to be happy with it.  However, I thought I would make the legs a little fuller and that didn't quite give me the look I was hoping for.  Back to the sewing machine! 
Oh, this is what I wore on Saturday and on Sunday I wore the orange Peasant Top from HotPatterns.com that I made a while back.
What will I wear tomorrow?  

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  1. Nikol: Thank you again so much for the wonderful class last night! Here is a link to that zipper fly tutorial I was talking about:


    Take care!